About Le Burger Week

Every year, from the 1st to 7th of September, restaurants in different cities across Canada and the United States make a special burger just for Le Burger Week. Burger-lovers from all over get a chance to discover these delicious creations and vote for their favorite ones on LeBurgerWeek.com

Le Burger Week allows participants to discover new venues, while providing the opportunity to taste burger creations they never would have originally. It also allows for restaurants to showcase their best, while increasing their sales and general awareness.


Na’eem Adam and Thierry Rassam are the co-founders and creators of Le Burger Week. Their mission is to find creative ways to increase sales for restaurant owners while offering something delicious to cities all over the world. Na’eem and Thierry also co-founded and run La Poutine Week. More info here.


What is the “Buy a Friend a Burger” campaign?

This year you can buy your friend a burger! You select the burger you want to offer and click the “Buy for a friend” button. From there, you follow the instructions. It only costs $1 (plus the cost of the burger) to send. Your friend will receive all the details by email and can claim the burger using an emailed voucher at the specific restaurant.

What is Budweiser's “Bud & Burgers” campaign?

Bud & Burgers is the original power couple! To add to the fun, we’ve selected different restaurants across Canada to be part of the Bud & Burgers campaign. Participating restaurants have the Budweiser logo on their Le Burger Week profile page. Each burger will be paired with a Bud for a special price as the Bud & Burgers combo. Just be sure to ask for it when you visit the restaurant.

How do I use Just Eat or Skip the Dishes to get my burger delivered?

Just Eat and Skip the Dishes are online delivery and takeout services that Le Burger Week has partnered with. A number of restaurants in all cities will be delivering their special burger during Le Burger Week. Participating restaurants have the Just Eat or Skip the Dishes logo on their Le Burger Week profile page. Just click on the “Get it delivered” button and follow the instructions to get it delivered to you.

How do I vote for my favourite burgers?

Voting is an important part of Le Burger Week. You can vote for any burger you wish. It’s fairly simple. You just have to click the “Vote” button on the restaurant profile page and follow the instructions. For this, you do need to be signed up to Le Burger Week. At the end of the week, winners are announced on the website based on your votes.

How do I register my restaurant for Le Burger Week or La Poutine Week?

For Le Burger Week 2017 it might be too late already, but please send Maria an email at team@peoplemovertech.com. For La Poutine Week 2018 in February, you can also send us an email at team@peoplemovertech.com.

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If you have any PR or general requests, please send an email to team@peoplemovertech.com.